So I guess summery weather isn’t very conducive to making regular blog entries about food despite all of the summery foods we’ve been enjoying. We’ve been doing lots of entertaining and outdoor cookery (to the tune of requiring another BBQ tank refill) and enjoying the fruits of our yard maintenance labours.

A few weeks ago the sprogs and I planted the contents of a packet of edible flowers my mum dropped off – nasturtiums and marigolds and cornflowers…oh my! Eating things one has grown one’s self is very gratifying, however 10 and almost 12 year olds who grow their own plants don’t have quite the same perspective on that whole thing as I might. This has become a fierce competition. The daughter’s plants sprouted first – just days after planting them. Then came the son’s. I sowed a lowly pot of nasturtiums and tried to impress upon the ankle-biters that they take longer to gestate, but they were convinced that they simply weren’t going to come up.

After a few days of having my poor nasturtiums scorned I went out to find this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ha! My nasturtiums win!

Soon enough I’ll have lovely, big, peppery flowers to stuff with ricotta and chives =)


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