So after a 24h flu stint, sprog the eldest asks ‘remember that stuff you used to make with chick peas and all that stuff when I was little?’

Yes – his first food request was fried, curried chick peas.

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He used to love snacking on these as a kid, or as a meal on a pita with spinach and tzatziki sauce. It’s just chick peas, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne and a little lube for the frying pan, sauteed until the peas start to pop.



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3 responses to “garbanzo

  1. tigrr_lily


    I am the eldest sprog of a food-obsessed household, and I think this blog is a great idea. I have a question: what kind of chick peas do you use? Canned, or soaked dry ones? If you use the soaked dry ones, do you cook them first or just fry them after soaking. It sure looks tasty!

  2. squidkibbles

    Hey! Thanks and welcome.

    Today we used canned chick peas but either could be used – I just cook them after soaking if they’re of the dried variety.

  3. squidkibbles

    By ‘cook’ I mean ‘fry’, of course =D

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