Betty Crocker rang, she wants her muffins back

I’m generally not a strong endorser of mixes and packages of pre-mixed stuff or things to which one should just add water to produce a seven course meal – not because I’m a puritan or that I’m particularly well versed in the benefits of whole foods versus processed foods (though there’s certainly a wee bit of that going on.) Mostly it’s just because they don’t often taste as good as the real deal.

That said, there’s definitely room in my cupboards and a time and place for such things. Most specifically for bulk food store honey oat bran muffin mix. I am not a baker and what muffin mix means in my kitchen is nearly 45 minutes in which my two sprogs and my sister’s two sprogs are happily concocting and not fighting, not wanting outside, not whining because they’re bored, not fighting, not needing me to jump rope, not having squeeling contests, not fighting (did I say fighting?) or requiring massive amounts of my attention otherwise. 45 sweet minutes in which they’re happily smashing bananas, cracking eggs, greasing tins and licking spoons and I can easily accomplish half a day worth of work while keeping half an eye on their productivity (just to ensure they’re not over-mixing the muffins.)

This stuff is great. It’s reasonably healthy – actually providing acceptable levels of complex carbohydrates to keep us all regular and containing a very minimal amount of sweetener (as all good muffins will.) On top of all that, it’s not so expensive or time consuming that you’ll be devastated should the results turn out less than savoury.

Today we made honey-oat-bran-banana-coconut-chocolate-chip-walnut muffins.

Other muffins from mixes we have made include, but are not limited to:




Pumpkin seed-pecan-peach



Carrot-raisin-pumpkin seed




Poppy seed-lemon-almond

p.s. I’ve also used this stuff to make pancakes.


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