best ever chip dip

I’m a complete sucker for chips and dip. I’ll pass over chocolate any day, but do not deny me my greasy, potatoey goodness.

The following is a recipe for cream cheese chip dip which is as addictive as it is easy.

What you need:

1 block cream cheese

1/4 cup evaporated (makes a creamier dip) or regular milk

2 tbsp dried onion flakes

Loads of cracked pepper (our mill is always loaded with a red/green/black combo which is to die for – we’re pepper snobs)

A pinch of salt

Toss all of the above into a medium sized bowl, cover with plastic and allow to sit for at least 2 hours so that the onions have a chance to reconstitute in the milk, like so:

Resist the urge to stir or poke it or disturb it otherwise. After about 2 hours you can mix it:

Then serve it in your favourite bowl. This one’s mine:

Yup. It’s a depression era gas station special made by Federal Glass Company. I have a bigger one with tigers, too. It saddens me deeply that the practice of giving cheap glass products away with a refill has gone out of style. So much cool kitchen stuff is collected that way. But I digress.

Your dip is done! Eat it!


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