upping the ante

There’s some wonderful stuff going on in the blogosphere right now in the context of making a career of one’s creativity. decor8 Holly, Creative Thursday Marisa & Design for Mankind Erin have undertaken the rather daunting task of mentoring the masses in laying out their thoughts, experiences, methods & processes for finding their respective niches in this crazy, virtual world – an endeavor near and dear to my heart (for reasons beyond the scope of this post) and well worth paying attention to by anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve just listened to Marisa’s inspired podcast on the topic and think the woman may be as fickle and nuts as I am when it comes to taking the road less traveled, but more than that I admire her bravery (and that of the others as well) in laying her story out with honesty and conviction for the rest of us to learn from. Brilliant.


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  1. Thank you so much for this ~ and all the very best to you on your journey down the road less traveled…it’s such fantastic road to take.

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