Pictures from around the house which the daughter and I took today.

Top left: garbage the drunks leave and the ‘fort’ they built in the fall which looked more like a Nithstang pole than an actual fort – I like to think it was their subconscious minds speaking out agains the drunken litter leavers.

Top right: chair on the front porch which has acquired interesting bits of rust and a certain patina it didn’t have before the snow flew.

Middle left: Our white clove wreath given by a friend.  It stunk real purdy for a long time.

Middle right:  Lilies trying to break through the detritus.

Bottom left: Possibly more lilies…possibly not.

Bottom right: The birdhouse my pa made out of a dresser drawer for the elder punk for his birthday – crafting is a curse in our family.

Bottom bottom:  Tulips.  The only outdoor plant here when we moved in.  They make me happy.


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