i can’t think of a clever title

Highlights of my life since I last updated:

1. I won (through sheer whinge-power) and received a funkadelic necklace from the lovely and talented Jennifer Judd-McGee whose artwork is so stupendously amazing that every time I visit her shop I lose my mind to sensory overload and can never decide what to buy. I think I’ve resigned myself to saving my pennies for an original (or four) or having something commissioned but that doesn’t stop me visiting the site and having the old ticker blown everytime she updates it all over again. It’s a vicious circle, that is.

2. I wrecked my back in ways I never thought possible, really. I’ve never experienced any serious back pain before and, though this was far from ‘serious’, discovered I’m really not equipped with the skills to deal with it. I couldn’t sit, stand, walk or lie down for any length of time without some near final stages of labour levels of pain. I never want to go through that again though I did enjoy the massive amounts of time it left me to read and not do housework.

3. I told off some baseless fuckwit who decided it was a great idea to hang out on a cozy chair on my front porch directly outside my bedroom window at 3:30 in the morning and carry on a conversation with his buddies across the road. Stuff like that normally gets the hackles up and evokes cranky terrier style fits from yours truly. That this happened when I had to be up at 6am to go to market had me spitting like a mad gorgon. Needless to say I made him bolt. His friends laughed. He still had the nerve to respond with a sarcky ‘Sorry, lady. I was just chillin’ on your porch.’ MY porch, asshat! MINE! I’m a wee bit territorial.

4. I went to the annual Ribs & Beer fest and just about broke out in misanthropy-induced hives. It was a serious disappointment this year. Everything from location to setup to gaining sponsorship from a single brewery was wrong, wrong, wrong and created an atmosphere more akin to a fair ground’s beer tent – ignorant, table-monopolizing, drunken, misogynist numpties and all – and less like the lovely, chill festival in the park which I knew and loved. If it’s run the same way next year I’m just going to have all of the cool kids back to my house for better beer and better ribs.

5. For the first time in the 7 years we’ve been separated my babies’ daddy has taken vacation time with them. He took one week back in March and is now at the cottage with them for 2 weeks! Hardly a judgment call; dude works hard in an industry which is not very conducive to taking good family vacations. It’s just exciting. And I’m excited for them even if it leaves me waking up every morning with the feeling that I’ve forgotten something.¬† I swear I’m going to have the worst case of empty-nester’s syndrome on the face of the planet with the sprogs leave home.

I suppose there’s more but I’m lazy and the ADD’s kicking in and I want to move onto something else.


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