Onigiri, onigiri choitto tsumete

News on the funemployment front:  I’ve got a stall at the market!

I kind of neglected to say anything about that in previous posts.  My bad.

Anyways, you can find me there Saturdays from 7am until 1pm schlepping pretty things I make along with these best-consumer-whore-purchase-of-the-decade wonders of design & convenience:

Laptop Lunches.  Cute & fun little bento-style lunchboxes which our family has been using for quite a while now (even the mister!) & they’re pretty much the cat’s pajamas but pretty spendy & guilt-inducing to import on a small scale so I spent some bucks on an order to bring them to the good hippies of Peterborough.

The experience has lead me to the thought that my MAC makeup selling elf of a stall neighbour & I should open a store filled with good shit you can’t find in Peterborough and name it ‘Good Shit You Can’t Find in Peterborough’ on principle.

I digress.  Come visit me at the market & buy cute bento lunchboxes & get a makeover!


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