back porch white trash jungle is back

The roadside view isn’t nearly as impressive as it was last year due to new chairs with bigger footprints, but I assure you there are as many (and possibly more) of my lovelies out there basking in the fresh air and filtered sunlight as there were last year.  Some people may not know this but I’m secure enough in my title of Queen of the Houseplants to share a little secret; leaving booze out for the plants is most definitely beneficial to their well-being.  I’m not sure if it has a chemical effect on them or if it’s simply an exercise in affinity-building with their care takers, but it works!

And yes, I suck at removing bar code stickers and such from my pots.

In other news, I spent almost 6 hours at emerg with sprog the eldest after his foot found a piece of glass (we think) in bottle lake (how appropriate) this weekend past.  We didn’t get much other than a strip of bactigrass, a bandaid and reassurance that there was nothing of the glass left in there out of the visit but it was a fun opportunity to bond over an article in the July issue of Wired which posits that pasty video game addict boys (like my son) have a leg up on the procreation front on a darwinian level thanks to sun sensitivity.  Go team super-nerdy-sperm!

Also; no feminine hygiene product disposal units in the bathrooms at the new hospital.  Wtf is with that?  State of the art, my ass.


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