yeah…I’d like to live there

So the Liberals launched their election platform today.  You can download your copy here. Though I’ve read the entire 76 pages of it while I should have been clearing my kitchen table, I’m not going to get into it too much other than to say it’s pretty visionary.  Not just high level visionary either.  It’s also not boring.  And I don’t mind admitting that it kind of made me misty.  It will be interesting to see how other parties react.

One thing that’s bothering me through this election is the constant attack on Dion for lacking charisma.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to lose a lot of respect as soon as any politician opens his or her mouth.  Am I the only person who chooses to be informed almost exclusively through written word for this reason?  I know there’s merit in actually listening to what candidates have to say, but the newspapers & blogs are going to cover all of that stuff anyway.  Locally I’ve been able to speak to all but our Green Party candidate in person and each has their own quirks and charms.  Betsy MacGregor has charisma aplenty.  She practically runs circles around Del Mastro when it comes to having off the cuff discussions with people about the issues they feel most pressing.  She’s incredibly well-versed in her supporters’ concerns as well as those of the opposition and she’s made a point of reminding the agricultural community that agriculture is kind of what she does.  She’s kind of foxy too.  I’m pretty sure she’s rockin’ women voters in my end of town at least.  Steve Sharpe doesn’t carry quite the same charisma (perhaps he’s the microcosmic Dion?) but has done some hardcore canvassing lately through which he has proven that his knowledge and sensibilities make up for his apparent quietness.  Did I mention that the guy is also brilliant?  Not even in the uber-nerdy, socially inept way.  I don’t know how he does what he does in a day and still has room to think big thoughts about big issues.  But he does.  And he’s good at it.  He reflects the values of his party on the grand scale and is very in tune with local issues as well.  As for Del Mastro?  Well I guess here is where I admit that I’m pretty absolutely anti-paranoid-reactionary-hastoomuchofabonerforGotrains-Del Mastro.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for the Go.  I’m just anti-anti-anti-Del Mastro (that’s a triple negative, for the record).

So, I guess my point is that in this little itty bitty riding that we have, we get a lot of exposure to political goings-on.  I will likely tune in to the candidates debates or catch them on youtube at some point, but I really would like to know how the rest of you are informed.  How and why and when, if at all.  I have a hunch that there are many of us doing it my way and worry that it may be a highly neglected factor in campaigning.

Please discuss.

In the meantime I’m going to go back to making chicken soup.



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5 responses to “yeah…I’d like to live there

  1. Melanie! What a brilliant post. I love people who put their political souls out there. I think we should start a group called Peterborough People for Soulful Political Engagement. Do you drink coffee? If you do, I move that our official beverage be coffee (free-trade organic, of course).

    BTW — Betsy is mega-awesome. I am also really impressed with the Green and NDP party candidates. We have three good choices in our riding. As for Del Mastro — I think you expressed it well enough for both of us.

    The introductory post in my blog (written in Dec. 2006) explains how my dismay at the actions/arrogance of Del Mastro and the Harper government inspired me to become politically active for the first time in my life. I expect politicians to be truthful, accountable, and transparent — and to be working to further the “Canadian dream” of a just and inclusive society — one in which no one is marginalized. That dream has disappeared under the CPC — a party that is anti-progressive, anti-social justice, anti-environment, anti-everything-that-I-care-about.

  2. I just realized I forgot to answer your question. 🙂

    I have been researching all the campaigns via the web (reading party platforms at party websites and via summarized news reports). I’ve also been reading two or three daily newspapers/day (The Peterborough Examiner, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail — I subscribe to all three). I listen to the CBC excessively/obsessively. I read a huge number of political blogs (because bloggers are passionate about politics and cut to the chase on the issues: they also do a fabulous job of fact-checking and picking up on errors/mistruths that often appear in the mainstream media). And I read the Liberal’s Reality Check fact sheets, which are highly informative and entertaining.

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I suppose I have a bit of a Foucaultian tick when it comes to the media & responsibility & the passing of that torch onto politicians. I’m a huge CBC radio fan too (my daughter LOVES it when I switch to it from her regular station so I can tune in while in my studio) and completely agree with regard to the things that bloggers do.

    I just don’t get how Dion’s charisma comes under fire and no one points out that at some point he was nominated and elected leader of the Liberal party. I take one look at who he beat out and understand that dude’s not just resting on his laurels.

  4. First of all, Jabba the Hut is again our illustrious MP, and to that I say “epic fail.” I did actually leave my hermit-like existence to vote, and the sun didn’t hurt all that bad.

    Since the Peterborough numbers have been announced, I have become a man obsessed with the death-grip this strange being has over our riding. I have seen things that have threatened to make my head explode (, one in four? come off it!) The man pulls figures and facts from thin air and parades them around as truths. He has made national blunders that reflect poorly on not only the conservative (small and big “c”) population, but on our riding.

    My only hope is that the Harper government will choose to ignore their own stance on fixed election dates again soon, and the good people of our fair county will have the sense to elect someone well spoken and articulate (aka EVERY OTHER PERSON RUNNING.)

    Seriously though, before I go to bed, I have 2 things to say. I think I am going to have to kidnap Justin Trudeau, he’s damned hot, and I love that the biggest word in your tag cloud is food!

  5. Justin’s pretty cute!

    And yes, these hips don’t lie! We like food around here, though having imported my food blog into this one doesn’t help.

    I’m not looking forward to seeing what the Harper government is going to do to us over his term and am only mildly consoled by the word ‘minority’ being in front of their status. In the days leading up to elections we saw a distinct lack of real content in what he and the official opposition had to say. It really burns my ass that they only started talking economy AFTER the election. That’s weak & cowardly and a little manipulative.

    In the face of all of the above, I’m even more concerned about the record low in voter turnout. That screams Ottawa’s ineptitude in engaging its people and their refusal to take off their elitist goggles for the sake of small ‘p’ politics. I apply that to all leaders of all parties. That is the first wrong I would like to see righted by our shiny new cabinet. Harper, however, is not a big picture man and will back-burner it for more glorious things like the economy simply because he doesn’t see the co-relation.

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