I’ve been a busy bunny

But I’ve got a moment or two to update and show you lot what I’ve been making.

I know my partner has received this so I can post pics of my goofy son modeling the flying monkey inspired hoody I made her for the All Things Oz Swap over at Craftster.

I just used a basic hoody pattern and drew new pieces to applique on as the elements of the flying monkey costume from The Wizard of Oz.

It’s a little large on him so some of the details are missing, but you get the idea.

And of course it has wings!

I had so many ideas for this swap I didn’t know where to begin.  As always, I never suffer a lack of inspiration, just the time in which to see it all to fruition.  This was a lot of fun to make and a real learning experience.  I’d never worked with polar fleece before let alone tried to applique anything to it.  I’m glad I went with the three step zig zag for that part to maintain the stretchiness.  Of course every seam is serged and topstitched which made the project a little time-intensive but that sucker is not falling apart any time soon.  Now everyone in the house wants one.

I had a table at the arts week street fest at the weekend which was a rather fun experience.  I made some good money and it’s nice to know that people like my stuff.  I made a bunch of lounge pants out of re-purposed sheets with cute appliques for the fest.  There are two pair I want to steal from my stash but I’m being good and staying away from it for the moment.

There are more and I’ll be getting them into my etsy shop as soon as I can get better pics of them.


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