I love bowls.  My loin fruits love bowls.  We plan meals just so we can eat them out of bowls.  There’s something about eating out of or presenting a thing in a deep, rounded vessel that is more personal, comfortable and beautiful than doing the same from a plate.  I anthropomorphise them as I do my plants and often come home with hand tossed stoneware bowls from the junk guy at the market or gaudy multi-coloured ceramic ones from the $1 bin at the grocery store simply because I feel they need me.  Certainly not because I need or have any immediate use for them.

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve rounded up a lovely selection of bowls from etsy for your viewing pleasure.

via Red Hot Pottery.

via by Deborah.

via Twisted River Clayworks.

via Mad Hatter Ceramics.

via JD Wolfe Pottery.



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One response to “bowls

  1. I definitely only eat out of bowls… which prompted my less than PC mother to once tell me I must be part Asian…

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