weekend redux

I know, I know.  I exploit the son far too much, but he’s such a willing model and this scarf looks so good on him.

This weekend has been lovely so far.  Yesterday was our last day at market which is nice but sad to think about.  After hounding her for months the farmer’s market co-ordinator has still not given us an answer as to whether or not there’s space there for us through the winter, which is a shame because that’s sort of where we need to be.  I think we’ll just show up and be persistent and give her puppy dog eyes until she succumbs.  I’ll even bring the puggle if I need to.

Yesterday was also the Arts in the Park event put on by the PAU.  It was great to actually meet the lovely, talented and rather foxy Jen of Almost Famous and Lucky Jackson even if she wouldn’t tell me where her blog lives lest I stalk it.  I also finally got to shake hands with Victoria of the Victory Art Supplies duo.  If you’re an artist and are reading this and need supplies, please visit their shop.  It smells like art even before you enter the door and their massive amounts of stock is so well organized for the creative mind it makes me weep.  You can’t get that at Michael’s.  I was stalked through the day by the delightful and oh-so-pregnant Miz K (yeah, I noticed.)  Happily so as I’m rather opportunistically hoping she has fun pics of ‘Zzini & Gracie playing.

It makes me happy that we have such events in our fair city and it was great to so many more than the usual faces represented.  Today won’t be quite as exciting – it’s all cleaning the kids’ rooms (which are complete disaster zones) and making spaghetti sauce.  For real.  Without the assistance of my mum or sister.  And it’s going to NOT suck, dammit.



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2 responses to “weekend redux

  1. Heh, stalking? Copying? Imitation?
    All signs of flattery, yes?

  2. That’s what my momma says >D

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