verdict is: the sauce does NOT suck!

I hadn’t attempted to make spaghetti & meatball sauce using the patented family secret recipe in about 7 years.  It was one of those things that I attempted and failed miserably at each time, possibly out of contempt for the stuff as I saw it growing up.  A huge pot would be made at the weekends then part of it eaten as a meal and the rest put into the fridge to be used in various and sundry meals through the week.  We literally ate the stuff in one way, shape or form 4 nights out of a week.  Being the variety loving creature I am I just stopped eating it.  Instead I would eat my pasta with olive oil and garlic and a little romano cheese with a couple meatballs on the side and all of the vegies I could fit on my plate after that.  I boycotted the sauce.  After moving out I learned to make a wicked napolitano sauce & kickass greek meatballs (not to be eaten together) while my sister mastered the family sauce & the meatballs to go with it.  I never refused an offer to partake in her mastery when she lived 2 and a half blocks away from me.  Now she lives an hour and a half away and I had a hankering so I gave it another shot…and it didn’t suck.  It was actually quite good if a little less thick than I wanted it to be.  That being said, I didn’t exactly follow the family recipe to a T, either.  And I made bison meatballs.  And served it with zucchini.  But for all of my improvisations, it did not suck and I’m quite happy with that.



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2 responses to “verdict is: the sauce does NOT suck!

  1. That looks omnomable to say the least. Now on the topic of sisters, are we talking Megan here? She’s gone? Where? Tony is la sad, yet happy that you succeeded with your family recipe. You get Kudos for that, well if we were in a forum, I would definitely give you kudos, so you get fake kudos because that’s the best I can do at this time. With that said, I need to go to sleep. Zzz

  2. Yeah, dude. Megie’s living on base in Trenton now.

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