Yesterday was our first snow up and over here in the borough.  It snowed big white, wet snow fluff from about 10 in the morning until 6 at night.  It snowed enough that it collected on the ground in spite of the plus zero temperatures but was mostly melted by morning.  Living on the main drag I’ve seen cars coming through with a good 2-3 inch covering of the white stuff still on them today.

Although there are many things I love about winter I don’t feel prepared or equipped with the skills to deal with it and all that it implies just yet.  I still have lavendar to harvest, a rosemary plant to pot up and winter coats to buy for the kids.  I have zippers to replace and orders to fill and the early onset (17 days earlier than last year) makes me feel more frantically behind than I did the day before it snowed.

The dog hated it too.  I’m sure if his first introduction to snow was a lighter, shiner, less wet and blustery one he would have been ok.  I tried to take him to the park and let him off the leash so he could tear around the basketball pad as he loves to do but he just stood there and looked at me scornfully.

Yesterday was miserable so I treated myself to this:

A variation on this dish, sans polenta.  The kids protest when I make them eat placenta polenta.  The mushroom guy at the market had loads of oyster mushrooms last weekend and proclaimed his undying love for me when I bought two lots of them as well as my usual stock of creminis.  I cheated and nuked the arborio rice rather than making it a true risotto in the name of timing and not burning the rice.  I even let us eat in the living room, curled up under blankets, watching the first episode of True Blood (the kids fast forwarded through all the sex scenes I’d forgotten were in it) me with my glass of wine.  It was lovely.



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2 responses to “snow

  1. Mmm I do love our winters sometimes – just not when they are wet. I love the big fluffy white snow & when everything is still & quiet.
    Ryan & I are also HUGE fans of the whole xmas thing, so I can’t wait to move and put our tree up right away!

  2. We love christmas too but there are some trappings around it I could live without.

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