world’s prettiest bowling ball

Isn’t it?  This was gifted to my brother from our mother for his birthday.  Complete with naugahyde case and chamois ball buffer.  She’s an auction hound and therefore a pretty quirky gift giver.  I await the day, with bated breath, that she presents me with the ceramic Elvis bust I  need for my kitchen.  We’re not too sure what prompted the giving of this gift but it’s in my brother’s colours (he’s a fall redhead) so he’ll look really rather dapper next time he goes ten pin bowling.


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One response to “world’s prettiest bowling ball

  1. Speaking of Elvis paraphernalia, I’m not making any promises, but I found a pattern for a knitted Elvis wig that I am pretty sure can be doctored to make a nifty winter hat… I’ll let you know how that goes…. Oh, and the bowling ball is amazing! Time to look for a nifty salmon-with-milk-chocolate-brown-piping bowling shirt to go with it.

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