spats? spats!

I think they’re kind of magical.  They turn shoes into boots.  Pretty, colourful, dramatic boots.  Those are my favourite kind.  Though I haven’t seen anybody in my city sporting them, there does seem to be a trend toward their revival though I daresay it’s probably limited to the really rock ‘n roll among us.  Someday I’ll make myself a pair.  I’m not equipped with the skills to make as clever a pair as the ones in the picture, but I’ll figure something out.

Would any of you wear spats?  What are your thoughts?

via little woods atelier.



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2 responses to “spats? spats!

  1. I would totally wear spats. Maybe I could make a legwarmer/knit spat hehe. Sounds good for those low cut winter boots ^_^

  2. I would wear spats, though likely not all the time. I’m sure I would find many a use for them, they might double as weapons, though not very good ones.

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