more spats love

from etsy!

Love these colours for houndstooth.  It’s on such a great scale for this application too, don’t you think?

from minniekins.

Crinkly leather jobbies:

from ashes & empires.

Knitted lovelies:

from corpse knit.


from maria pozo design.



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6 responses to “more spats love

  1. I could see myself becoming addicted to building these… actually, it would give me an excuse to take up leather working… Oh, I don’t like you very much right now!

  2. How can you not love me? I’m cute, freckly and a spats enabler.

  3. OOOO!!!! I found something that may be of interest to you, and may also be of interest to me if I can find enough yarn to make them!

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