I’m feeling kind of deflated, uninspired, unmotivated and underwhelmed today.  As such, I have for you a list of reasons I shouldn’t feel this way:

– pomegranates are in season

– I just scored a lot of fabric for free

– I get to strut my stuff at the market on Saturday

– the US has a new president and he’s not part of the Bush family

– the new president of the US and our new PM probably won’t get along.  What?  That amuses me

– only ten more days until clementines

– I’m making pasta carbonara tonight

– the kids are up to date with their homework

– I’m surrounded by animals sleeping in the sunshine

– it’s November the 5th and a sunny, balmy 19 degrees outside

– my haircut from yesterday still looks cute – especially with dangly turquoise ear rings & a ponytail



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4 responses to “underwhelmed

  1. I read the point about the earrings as “dangerously turquoise” which totally amused me for the day. It doesn’t take much…

  2. Oh my gosh the weather today was ridiculous — is it terrible that I found it almost TOO warm? I was starting to be pretty happy with sweater weather & today was more like sweating weather.
    Maybe it’s just cause I’m preggers & feel about 30 degrees warmer at all times heh….

  3. I had to go romping about earlier and was feeling rather muggy. The dog thought so too. I tried chasing him around the park today and when he would usually be happy with that after 20 minutes he started panting and sitting after 5. Crazy.

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