the official canadian whisk(e)y glass

The LCBO introduced these babies mid-october so of course I had to have one.  Then the mister had to have one.  At $5 each they’re probably the most expensive glasses I own as the daughter of two auction hounds.  I have to say they’re really, really cute.  Right down to the little maple leaf etched into their bottoms.  You’ll have to take my word for their aesthetic qualities, unfortunately as the camera charger is mia and there don’t seem to be any pictures of them floating around the interwebs.  As far as their practical qualities go, I assure any of you hardcore whisk(e)y afficionados that they’re an absolute pleasure to savour your whisk(e)y(s) from, Canadian or otherwise.  They’re made by Glencairn Crystal Studio who have endowed them with a lovely snifteresque shape, giving them a nice grip and mad props to the nose of their contents and absolutely divine weighting.  Best $5 spent in a long time.

My first experiment with my new glass shall be a proper manhattan.

The second shall be sipping Unibroue’s Fin du Monde from it.

Third will be Blanche de Chambly.


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