my daughter the budding interiors photographer pt. 1

That saucy brat is my daughter.  That’s a blueberry on her tongue.  She has a nature photo journal due on Monday.  As such, I’ve spent the better part of my morning cropping and editing her pictures for the project.  Yes, I did her homework.  In return I’ve stolen some of her intellectual property for my own amusement.

I let her loose with the little olympus we have so she could get a few more shots for her journal before I have them printed.  What does she do?  Takes pictures of things around our house.  Well ok, to her credit she did get about 5 more shots for her journal, but not nearly as many as she did of stuff around the house.

This is a little display area in the living room.

The multi-flower prints I won at a silent auction for a friend’s jack and jill.  I had to beat the bride’s mother up to get it.

The little abstract on the door frame is an acrylic original on stretched canvas by one of my nieces, circa 2003.  The print beside it is some crazy linework by an unknown artist. Well…I could know but I can’t be arsed to pull it down to check.

Yes, we have a bead curtain.  Don’t you?

Next image is just to the right of the first.  Same bead curtain. Another print by unknown and a collage by me.

Cobwebs come courtesy of the spiders.

The scary mask was part of my 2003 hallowe’en costume.  I was the Baron Samedi.  The mister has a great story about falling in love with me in my disturbing mask from across the room that hallowe’en day.  It’s very romantic.

Mirror is a $1 yard sale buy and I love it…but not enough to clean it regularly, obviously.

Below that, Mr. philodendron.  One of many in our humble abode.

That’s a little terrarium the daughter made a couple of weeks ago.  It lives inside Mr. philodendron’s pot, amongst his protective fronds.

One big happy family.

These photos pretty much tell the story  of how these little spaces come together in our house.  If there’s an empty surface it gets filled with contributions from everyone.



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2 responses to “my daughter the budding interiors photographer pt. 1

  1. ❤ the new layout, very nice. I love the bead curtain… I wish I had one. 😦

  2. Every home should have a bead curtain. They’re tactile, pretty & nostalgic. Better than sucking one’s thumb, don’t you think?

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