vide-moi ton sac et je te dirai qui tu es…

I never used to be a purse girl.  I carried a diaper bag while my kids were little but beyond that I’ve always been about the bank card, the ID and a little bit of cash in a jacket pocket.  Possibly in a wee clutch if I was going to a formal event.  I’ve since learned the love of a good handbag and have added to the list of necessities. 

As it was a slowish day at the market today my partner and I ended up having a brief conversation about essential carry-alongs.  She divulged the number of her sewing kit collection, spread out about many bags.  I admitted to needing my tape measure everywhere I go. 

Upon returning home I thought I’d have a better look into this.  I emptied my bag and found the following items:



old receipts

AA batteries

a hot wheels car

my measuring tape

my jack knife

4 lipsticks in different colours

1 pot of lip balm

2 tubes of skin moisturizer

my passport

wet wipes

tissues (new and used)

my notebook

4 sharpies

ballpoint pen

3 safety pins

sewing kit

dental floss


Is everyone else’s bag the dumping ground mine is?  What’s in yours?  Is there some age/bag size correlation?  Who’s got a great system for staying more organized? 

By the way, the bags in the pic above are made by Jeanne Bayol and I adore them.  Were anyone to get one for me I would happily be your sex slave for 3 years. 



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3 responses to “vide-moi ton sac et je te dirai qui tu es…

  1. The contents of my purse at this very moment:
    – keys, dog leash, biodegradable poop bags, notebook, four small bags of pet food, box of garbage bags, blue scarf, pink pashmina, wallet, envirosax, change & a mint.

    I feel like usually there is more crap in here…

    (ps. this is making me want to do like… a weekly ‘purse contents’ blog post or something… hmmm)

  2. Well the contents of my Murse consist of:
    – old receipts
    – an old water bottle, flattened
    – a few resumes (probably 4)
    – wallet
    – 1 3mm knitting needle without a mate
    – condoms… wtf?
    – a few gum wrappers.
    – a cell phone that is no longer in service
    – a travel sized, plastic wrapped kleenex bundle
    – 3 sets of ear buds
    – a clean pair of socks… be prepared
    – dog poop bag
    And that’s about it… it’s a messenger bag so it doesn’t actually look that full when I wear it.

    I’m actually trying to work our a pattern for a new, felted murse with pockets made specifically for what they will carry… hopefully it will cut down on the randomness of it’s contents.

  3. Mz. Fawn – I know what you mean. In my initial post I forgot the bungee cord, bio bags and shopping bags I had in there. I set them off to one side for some reason and didn’t count them in my list. I’m pretty sure the contents of my bags change according to whim.

    Tony. Dude. You have an amazing talent for carrying everything under the sun in your bag and making it look like it’s not as full as it is. You’re like Mary Poppins or something. Practically perfect in every way =)

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