just a little more Jeanne…

I’ve always been into fantasy living spaces; tree houses a la Swiss Family Robinson, rambling secret apartments a la C.S. Lewis, impossible hallways and rooms a la House of Leaves.  I think a roulotte would be managable and realistic and just might fill my craving for romantic, bohemian, nomadic (apparently there’s Rom blood in these veins) living.  This style in particular would make a kick ass studio.  I could do tarot readings on a small pedestal table just outside with the cats weaving their way around the legs of guests and amongst the wildflowers.  Add in the Shetland pony and it’s basically my dream come true.



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3 responses to “just a little more Jeanne…

  1. I LOVE IT!!! Totally love it! I personally want to live in a tree house in Costa Rica one day!!

    Peace & Love.

  2. oooOOOooo…Costa Rica. Probably a lot more forgiving of tree houses than our harsh, Canadian landscape & weather systems. I shall cross my fingers for you and your tree house =)

  3. So sweet. Especially the pony.

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