crap day. not much to say

I also need to get to bed at a decent time to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for a craft show tomorrow so Ill leave you from this stunning image of impossible cool.

The show is at R.F. Downey P.S. in the north end.  It would be lovely to see some of you lovelies.



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2 responses to “crap day. not much to say

  1. Craft show? Eeep — what time?
    I work 10am to 5.30pm 😦

  2. You seriously didn’t miss much. It was not what I was lead to believe it was and more incestuous than anything the PAU could even put on.

    I did spend a lot of time talking with a lovely septuagenarian Ukrainian ex-pat who made the sweetest, knitted Barbie dresses which made me wish I had a Barbie again…or that she could make them in my size.

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