ruffles are the new black

Ruffles have been inner than in for a few seasons now and I have to say I quite like that and they’re no likely to go away any time soon.  Although I do argue that ruffles can go horribly, horribly wrong, I love that they’re being applied to just about everything for a fresher, softer, more romantic look.  Everything in moderation, right?

Here are some favourite ruffly things, via etsy.  Click the pics to go to the store:

Alright, nevermind the thing I said about moderation.  This profusion of ruffles melts my heart:

…as does this one:

…and this one too:

Are you wearing ruffles?  What’s your favourite ruffly thing?

Discuss.  I’m going to go put ruffles on stuff.  Possibly even the dog.



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5 responses to “ruffles are the new black

  1. I like ruffles so I hope that they don’t become the new black. Then they will have to die soon.
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  2. This post gave me an idea for Lynda’s wrist/hand/glove cozies… I’ll have to talk to her about it.
    I enjoy crocheting ruffles… have never quite been able to knit ruffles on purpose, I’m sure they would be nice as well though. Unfortunately, I do not own ruffles, however I have always wanted one of those Victorian/Edwardian shirts that have the ruffles down the front of them, I think they look distinguished if not slightly flamboyant.

  3. great – I don’t think they’re in any danger of actually becoming black.

    Tony – hmmmm…I’ve done some fun recons of that variety. I shall check my shirt stash for something of your size and colour and see what I can do.

  4. Your dog really has his own ruffles, however that little flower on a neck tie for the beautiful blue point would look wonderful.

  5. Noelle – I so thought of Ypsilon when I saw that. She’s just a cat meant to be adorned and adored.

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