the value added features of an ADD mind

I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with ways to better organise and live with the itty bitty space which is my studio.  At the moment it’s a complete disaster zone and I have to confess that it’s a complete write-off and I’ve been working from the kitchen as a result (+ because the air conditioner is still up there which makes the room unbearably cold).  I literally spend almost 4 hours/week reorganising this space which I don’t think anyone can argue is completely the anathema of efficiency.

I thought the answer to my woes was to save up for a nice, shiney, chrome baker’s rack on which to neatly organise my fabric stash and books.  As I work with fabric above and beyond everything else and I really need to have a direct view of all of the goodies available to me I feel that would be a great storage solution.  That’s still an option, however I need something fast and it occurred to me today to simply shop from home (for free!) and switch up my storage system.

Here is the at-a-glance option I currently have, storing patterns, notions, magazines, beads, yarns, dremel stuff, trims and ribbons:

Since that picture was taken I’ve pared down a lot of my yarn stash and it now fits nicely into about 3 different containers.  In the following picture you can see my current fabric stash storage: the beautiful hope chest my dad built for me years ago in the state it’s normally (and currently) in:

I know, it’s a complete disaster.  I have no shame.  But see what I mean?  It drives me in-freakin’-sane.

Tomorrow I go up there and begin the transformation.  If you don’t hear from me by Saturday, send the troops.



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2 responses to “the value added features of an ADD mind

  1. Oh! Yours looks nicer than mine, and mine is in the living room. Once we get the Christmas stuff up and out of the great steamer trunk we inherited from Angies mom, that will be my yarn’s new home. It’s current home? My hamper which is nestled unceremoniously beside the broken futon.

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