my bookshelf brings all the boys to the yard

I have that same Ikea bookshelf.  It has served me well over many, many years.  It has been everything from a computer desk/clothing storage in a small space (which worked out much better than one might expect) to a baker’s rack.  It’s currently back to a bookshelf, hangin’ out in our hall collecting stuff:

Yes, I the DOF to highlight the plant and not the clutter, but you can still get a feel for just how hard this baby works.  Even with the blur you can see sunscreen, stoneware candle holders, tin can candle holders (made by the daughter 4 years ago), laundry detergent, DVDs, kids school pictures, a hair ornament, my bill payment thingy, pencils, a spray of fake sunflowers the daughter decorated it with almost 5 years ago and which we have never taken off, kids school pictures, vaseline (even books need lube) and a cute, felted, teal cloche.

What you can’t see are all of the books, the candelabra, my sharpie collection, a collection of Things Which Do Not Belong To Us, 2 baskets containing hats & mitts & gloves, a candy jar, 3 sketchbooks, a pneumatically powered toy aeroplane, watercolour paints, oil pastels and a jar of seashells.

Needless to say it is not nearly as put together as the one in the first photo.  How do these people do it?  As much as ours looks like the aftermath of a tsunami on a daily basis, I still like it better.  I know where everything is and I’ll never make the mistake of putting Proust next to Machiavelli in a tragic organization-by-colour mishap.


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  1. but you totally need the owl and the radio…

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