Palmer’s bottom butter…it’s not just for asses

Being of the thick, long, dry, curly haired variety, taming my tresses is always on my list of things which must absolutely happen before I leave the house.  Right after finding my keys and right before putting on some kind of lip lube.  The hair bits usually entail some kind of heavy chemicals and some sort of follicular strap-on device.  This morning the chemical component of the formula was missing (I blame the kids) and me not being the shy type when it comes to trying anything to wrangle my hairs I reached for the first cream-laden substance available and it happened to be Palmer’s Bottom Butter.  I came to this product late in my parenting life but quickly realized it’s value in everything from keeping razor burn at bay to getting bubble gum out of hair and my ad hoc application this morning was no less successful.  It provided the weight I needed to keep things reasonably in order and didn’t come out greasy and gross after drying AND it makes me and my hairs smell like cake.  I might even try it as a pre-straightening treatment, it’s just that good and I’ve yet to find one which really works.  It also happens to work really well on baby bums.  It’s also dirt cheap.


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