I completely forgot that Corine tagged in her post about what was learned in Ohate.  I suck.  Yes I do.

It’s kind of an overwhelming topic at this juncture as ’08 has brought many changes in circumstances my way after having quit my job as a corporate whore in late ’07, settling in to living with the mister, a child going into his teens and developing an intimate relationship with Sick Kids Hospital as the result of an injury my daughter sustained.  I also have that annoying habit of learning from other people’s experience.  I learned a lot, but I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

– You know that whole me being lucky with money thing that you’re all giving me the gears for?  Yeah, I learned that’s pretty much true.

– It’s really healthier for all of humanity to keep my standards non-negotiable.

– I’ve got an amazingly supportive group of friends.

– I can’t be friends with everyone.

– I relearned how to let shit go.

– Leaving a bad job is like leaving a bad relationship.  All those steps of grieving and everything.  True story.

– My kids have picked up a lot of my bad habits but some good ones too.

– I’m sensitive and I’d like to stay that way.

– Walking around with your heart on one sleeve and your vulnerabilities on the other can be exhausting but so worth it.

– My sense of reciprocity is skewed.

– I really am a quick study.

– I will never grow out of the desire to take on my children’s pain.

– Canada has been wearing blinders for far too long and we were not prepared for the shock of reintroduction to daylight.

– I finally got that damned shoe-tying thing down too.



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  1. I think those are a lot of damn valuable lessons for one year.
    ps. I’m REALLY happy to have a pro-mamma across the street for when I have moments of IDON’TKNOWWHATI’MDOING in the next few months.

  2. damemasquee

    Please teach me how to let of of shit.

  3. Oh, dude. So not a pro. I catch as catch can and fly by the seat of my pants like any other mama. I’ve just been doing it longer, for all that’s worth.

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