bug powder dust

amazing photo via Sabrina Campagna.

If a dream takes place within the same trappings but is entirely different situationally is it a recurring dream?

I ask because that is exactly what has happened in my dreamscape for the last 3 nights.  We’re all in this massive compound which I relate to as being the hospital for sick children in Toronto but it is much much bigger, there are very few sick children and we all live there in an industrious & communal society.  My family lives there together save me as I live in a barracks-like situation in order to complete some kind of special tactical training, the end goal of which I’m never really made to know and it never really makes sense because the nature of the society in which we live is very peace-oriented and democratic, though there are certain issues around drug control which are loosely governed with loosely enforced laws.

You should also know that I’m a shapeshifter in it.  I usually choose to shift into the form of a fuzzy flying bug.

I can’t remember the details of the dreams the two nights prior to last, but last night was strange, scary and funny.  So funny I woke myself up a couple of times with my chortling but quickly went back into the dream.  This compound we live in is sort of an open concept, tree-like structure with many built in features for making one’s way around while in human form which are designed to challenge the users’ physical prowess rather than for convenience.  There are things like elevators and such but they’re meant only for those who need them and the rest of us are to make our way around along narrow, open corridors, rope ladders and suspension bridges.  To put it into out of dream context, this place could be thought of in terms of a hollowed out giant sequoia, fitting it with 183 million jungle gyms as apartments enough for a colony of termites and calling it home.  If one was afraid of heights then one would have a really hard time getting around in this joint.  That’s precisely the issue the dream me had which made it funny.

I was training with a mate and he had a hip problem going on which kept getting him stuck in shifted form.  Because I was in human form and it’s frowned down upon to strut around outside the training area in one’s shifted form, he asked me to go back to the barracks and grab a bag containing some illegal pain killers he needed to shift back into his human form.  With quite a lot of trepidation I made my way back to the barracks, feeling that debilitating, vertiginous fear of heights the entire way.  It was crippling and I remember thinking to myself ‘if I could just shift into a bug and fly this would be so much easier.’  This was a crazy, irrational fear as there was really no way one could fall from any great distance between levels and one always had the ability to shift in order to save oneself.  I soon gathered enough lucidity to manipulate the bridges and ropes by pushing them up or pulling them down to the next level.  As the fear remained crippling I had to laugh at myself for being so clever and still so very, very frightened.  That was wake-up number one but I quickly fell back into the dream and continued to make my way to the barracks.

When I arrived in my mate’s quarters I found another man there looking for him and quickly found out that my mate was a drug dealer.  The man in the barracks insisted that I sell him some of the powder I’d come to pick up.  When I refused he grabbed it (it was in a little pouch in the shape of monkey Julius’ head, so you know), shifted into something which looked like little more than a puff of blue dust and flew off with his mates.  I made chase in human form, keeping my eye on the puffs of dust all the while and convincing myself that it’s better to just stay human until I’m close enough to them to figure out what their puffs were.  When I was pretty much on top of them I tried to shift into the dust form but again was too lucid to allow my dream self to do so.  Each attempt only saw me as a cute, fuzzy flying bug instead of the blue dust my dream self wanted to shift into.  At one point my dream self became so frustrated with my lucid but still dreaming self that she turned around, in her cute, fuzzy bug form and told me off.  That was wake up laugh number two.

Again, I quickly made my way back into the dream only to find that I was stuck in shifted form as I’d exhausted myself trying to shift into the dust.  As I still carried a Monkey Julius bag of my own, I contemplated taking some of the powder my mate thought would get him back to human form but was having so much fun flying I decided not to until I was back to training providing I still couldn’t do it naturally.  At that point the dog started licking knees and I woke up.

So yeah, fun dream.  Scary dream.  Thought I’d share.  Does anyone else get crazy-vivid dreams?  Are they adventurous, more processing or both?  I love hearing about other people’s dreams.  Tell me about them!



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2 responses to “bug powder dust

  1. I’ve been having really weird, vivid & bizarre preggo dreams. Definitely. I don’t always remember what they are, but I wake up most mornings thinking, “what the fak just happened??”

  2. I had some crazy dreams whilst pregnant too. Reading Slaughterhouse 5 5 times, each time in one sitting before bed, while cooking the eldest loin fruit didn’t help, I’m certain. While pregnant with the second I had nightmares about losing the first =S Apparently that’s fairly common.

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