Tweets for Today

  • 08:18 sick day. stupid stomach bug. and the dog chewed my cell while I slept the sleep of the dead last night. and the crotch of my pants. #
  • 08:19 @MsMarmitelover that hat deserves a fan club/twitter following. but only if it’s on aretha. #
  • 08:30 @chriscornell dealers in our hood used to use whoops and trills until the kids picked up on it and threw them off their game. crazy kids. #
  • 08:32 cash in now, honey. ♫ #
  • 08:58 oh my. fuck you, penguin is particularly good today #
  • 09:29 again with the devo. ♫ #
  • 09:33 don’t forget, fellow cannucks – it’s budget day! #
  • 09:51 this broke me via @stephenfry via @stelee #
  • 10:37 Everything I’ve said to you so far is false. Good night, Casaubon. #
  • 10:42 @subschema at least you can’t blame the dog for the demise of yours. mine’s still kickin’ but he did a number on it last night. #
  • 10:44 poorly today and this tune makes me happy. ♫ #
  • 10:45 ah we mo way ah we mo way… ♫ #
  • 11:12 i know dry is par for the course but holy mary mother of pearl, I still have sandpaper lips after 3 applications of lip lube. #
  • 11:29 @anndouglas a little from column A and a little from column B? perhaps my lips took ‘caustic’ in the literal, rather than figurative sense. #
  • 11:35 I find it amusing that the most-used search term bringing people to my blog is ‘robot drawings’. I blame my lack of tagging skills. #
  • 12:52 off to nap with a book. #
  • 16:55 new budget = underwhelming. giving something to ‘everyone’ you see does not a solid budget make. #
  • 17:00 $1.3k in renovation funds is not providing EI to the 600k who have been refused after earning it and won’t give them their jobs back. #
  • 17:06 $1bil to towns who need to retrain the unemployed? Have you met Toronto, Mr. Flaherty? #
  • 17:10 @desireefawn I’m always in awe of how bringing up the term ‘mucous plug’ can clear a room. I find it fascinating that my body can make one. #
  • 18:10 the dog has chewed the nipple end off his kong. I’m very happy I’m not his biological mum. #
  • 18:32 I think the son is trying to hog tie the dog. #
  • 18:55 I just took the son’s elbow to the eyebrow as the result of quick manoeuvering on the dog’s part…or they’re all out to get me. #
  • 19:11 OMG! even the cbc doesn’t get that it’s not so much about turning on the spending taps but diverting the spending toward #
  • 19:14 our nation could be the hothouse of green economy and social justice. even people who don’t know how to articulate that have said so. #
  • 19:34 fuck the government. going to watch jeopardy. #

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