Haven’t been around much as my silly computron as been down with this crap stomach thing that’s been going around, I’m sure.  It has been somewhat liberating and I’m getting a lot more real world stuff done like helping friends move, cleaning the kitchen and sleeping, but I do feel like part of my soul has been ripped away.  The mister is currently working on getting my baby up and running again so we’ll see.

This week has brought us a small reprieve from the minus holy shit weather we experienced through January but came by way of upsy downiness and lots of snow then freezing, then melting and more snow then freezing again bringing us to this day which is pleasantly mild & drippy yet still wintery with an atmosphere that only comes on days like today.  It’s so very different than the catch as catch can impromptu visits and catching up of spring, summer and fall.  We’re all a little more insular in our snow globe homes.  All the business of our main drag location just seems to happen around us but we can be cosy & well kept in our little worlds which look all samey in their abundant beigy/bluey/whiteness but there are so many wonderful little bits of eye candy and signs of life in our back/front/side yards.

It’s fun that our neighbours have their own take on enjoying this weather too.  They built this lovely snow & ice sculpture in their front yard.

And then there are all of the sculptures and vignettes nature leaves our little urban landscape.

And then there’s life imitating nature in its patterning and design.

Even the chiffon is reflective of winter.

And the pièce de resistance at the moment is this handsome snowman some other neighbours-friends built in our backyard.  Isn’t he a dandy?

I’m glad to live in a neighbourhood of imagination & play.  Life is afoot.


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