We’re in major purge mode right now chez nous.  It’s not actually as difficult for us to purge as the appearances of our rather cluttered home might dictate.  While the kids have their moments of ‘I can’t throw it out!  It’s too special!’ (and by ‘throw it out’ I mean find another home for it 99% of the time), the mister and are can be pretty objective about just letting shit go.  The issue is getting up the motivation to do so.  So that’s what we’re up to this weekend.  Thrilling, no?

It is to us because at the end of it comes the negotiation around hiring a maid.  For real.  It’s time for us to face the fact that neither of us are equipped with the skills or motivation to keep the house up to the standard we want it to be and we’ve realised that the state of the house just stresses us out, causes a lot of finger pointing,, generally gets us very down, keeps us from doing the things we really love doing, and makes us lazier.  Though both of us absolutely abhor clutter and long for a clean & tidy home, we’re two who walk around with our heads in the clouds so much that we’re completely desensitised to it.

I’ve always maintained that I’m cool with paying other skilled people for the things I can’t do, don’t like doing, or am not that good at.  I don’t cut my own hair, I don’t dry clean my own clothes, I don’t do my own plumbing. i suck at all of those things.  It’s true.

So today we purge for the sake of organization and better living through domestic enlightenment.

There is one little thing I can’t quite let go of; this little number:


Because it’s so super OTT cute and one day one of the sprogs might want to feel like Janeane Garofolo’s character in Reality Bites, too.


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