• 06:18 trying very hard to think of the last 48h as one crazy LAN party with little interactions with other players, rather than a work QA-a-thon. #
  • 06:27 RT @morbidanatomy Wonderful images from the history of quack medicine, via Ephemera Assemblyman bit.ly/pXvC7 #
  • 07:41 MacDo’s breakfast! it IS like a LAN party! #
  • 07:57 atari recreated with post-its tinyurl.com/yb7sfwz #
  • 08:53 punkanimals! bit.ly/2jOVDx #
  • 15:53 did you see the parody page? bit.ly/h1Zg3 RT @DomesticDork: tinyurl.com/ychx3on One of the most ridiculous paintings I’ve ev.. #
  • 16:04 the ramones make everything better, see? RT @dottieangelyarn: on closer inspection. not pretty at all… still Ramones are playing on rad… #
  • 16:21 feeling a little more human having added 3 to the 8h of sleep I’d had in the last 48. I’m too old for all nighters. #

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