feel the love

I was questioned about my propensity for flattery yesterday. Kind of one of those ‘do you try to butter everyone up?’ digs from someone who hasn’t spent enough time with me to know all my inner workings, but enough time to notice the habit. I took it with a grain of salt at the time, but it had me thinking about the rammifications of my liberal sprinklings of compliments and whether maybe, just maybe, I overdo it.

I decided that I don’t.

While I thoroughly enjoy receiving compliments, and after many years of agonizing, have finally developped gracious ways of accepting them, I also thoroughly enjoy giving them. I think it’s in my nature as a creative and a card-carrying people-watcher. I like to let people know that their unique traits have not only been noticed, but appreciated. If I had a religion (I don’t), this would be it, as every bon mot I deliver is like a little prayer, an affirmation that, even though humanity makes me feel misanthropic and leaves me with a general sense of malaise, people, individuals like you, and you, and you, rock my tiny universe.

I think I need to add a ‘warm fuzzies’ category to this blogue.


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