for the mens (or the womens who love their shoes)

Last weekend saw us frantically trying to find a decent pair of winter boots for the extra-large footed, amazonian who is my daughter. She gets this from me. As a 5’11” brick house (I swear that song was written for me) with size 12 feet, I learned very quickly to embrace all that the menswear stores have to offer: pants with higher rises and longer inseams, great printed button up shirts that don’t gap over the girls, with sleeves long enough for my gorrilla arms, and that can be given darts for a more fitted, flattering look (seriously, if you have the gapping issue, this is where it’s at, sistah-friends), shoes and boots that not only fit, but are also stylish. If you can get past the idea that it’s menswear (this seems to be much less a big deal for women than it is for men) and have some level of sewing talent, then pretty much any woman, no matter the size, can find menswear departments/stores a veritable fashion goldmine.

And to the men’s department we promptly hopped, skipped, and cartwheeled when looking for boots for the also-size-12-footed-at-least-5’8″ daughter last weekend. It was the first time we had to do that for her and, in the interest of full disclosure, I was kind of worried about the response. She’s hit the age (12) when she wants cute and has really taken a vested interest in developping an aesthetic all her own. Me = mortified. Not out of embarassment or anything, simply because I remember being there for the first time and was worried we wouldn’t find cute or that she would be completely closed to the idea. But, you know what? She was cool. She knew what wanted and what she wanted was what we found. For 40% off, no less. Me = happy mama.

The experience lead me to the desire to inspire. I know that my daughter and I are not the only women who struggle to find cute, fashionable, comfortable shoes. I rejoiced when the local business K&C Costumes opened their storefront because they cater to the drag community and that meant sexy shoes that fit, but when it’s not necessarily sexy, over the top, clear stillettos (FUN!) or stompy gearhead boots (LOVE) I’m looking for, I still turn to men’s shoes. In that spirit, I’ve put together some outfits, all of which I would wear in a heartbeat, that fully embrace the place of men’s shoes in women’s wardrobes.

Et voila:

I adore that Rodarte rib cage top. One day I’ll have one. The cute little bottines are Stacy Adams.

Another pair of Stacy Adams in the forefront here. Love ’em and would put them with just about everything, but I like the way this look is all about contrast (and my favourite red + teal combo). Stacy Adams shoes again.

I think this is my favourite of the bunch, being the total texture junky that I am. Riddle me this: how does Marc Jacobs make leather look like wearable candy? I want to lick that coat. Boots are Double-H. Oh. And imagine that Tarina Tarantino bit as a bracelet, attached to more gros-grain ribbon, or a bit of brown velvet ribbon, or something. That’s how I see it in my head.


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  1. Absolutely brilliant post guys, essential reading

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