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pretty pancakes

via sexdrugscocopuffs.

Oh! And happy new year!


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going west

The lovely litte film was created for the New Zealand Book Council. Watch it.

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one size fits (almost) all

All images via V Magazine.

I’ve had a few days to chew on these images, a sneak peek of V issue #63’s One Size Fits All article, and their attempt to break through the size barriers by showcasing the clothing on one ‘model-sized model’ (Jacqulyn Jablonski) and one ‘plus-sized model’ (Crystal Renn). I’m decidedly undecided about it, so I’ll leave you with my initial thoughts.

The good:

  • The clothing: I love that all of these ensembles are unapologetically bold, bright, patterned, & skin bearing.
  • The styling: both models look amazingly fresh and right now.
  • The modelling: fierce + sultry. my favourite.
  • The photography: so very, very clever.
  • The models don’t appear to be that much different in size: I suppose this could be a bad point, but I appreciate that, even though there’s quite a large distance between their sizes, both bods are completely stunning (all of those LEGS! *drools*)

The bad:

  • The comparison: while I suppose this could be a good thing, I feel like I’m forced to make the comparison in every image. I’m not allowed to just be happy about these beautiful clothes on beautiful women. 
  • The lack of variety: though the message is heard, it’s kind of a drop in the ocean. this shoot really only goes about a quarter of the way. a variety of models in a variety of shapes and sizes workin’ it the way these two do would make for better delivery.

All in all, I think it’s a good effort and I sincerely hope other vashion mags take their cue. What do you think?

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fabric porn via tessuti

I’d never heard of this company before (what?!?  some things I simply do not know!) and found them via an advert on facebook.  They’ve got a great selection of designer silks, shot linens and laces to die for.  They’ve also got a lovely blog which showcases readers’ projects done in their fabrics among other things.  They’re out of Australia so it would be a wee bit spendy getting their goods here, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

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