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NFB has a new website

I’m a huge fan of the National Film Board.  I’m not a terribly patriotic person but I take great pride in the work this organization does and was elated to find that my sense of its universal appeal was, in fact, universal while abroad and seeing that the BBC and other big international television stations made the vignettes part of their regular programming.  The Log Driver’s Waltz was that one vignette which captured my attention, even more than commercials or Sesame Street, every time as a child and continues to do so now that I’m an adult.  There are other classics too, like Balablok, the more recent Hot House series, Le Chateau de Sable, and another favourite ; The Big Snit.  These are probably all responsible for my poor attention span and my affinity for music videos, but hey, I’m all cultured and stuff as a result, right?

The new site is still in beta, but if you’re a product of the times as I am, you’ll be happy to know that The Log Driver’s Waltz is available for viewing whenever our wee hearts desire…providing we don’t go and slashdot the shit out of it.


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i would bottle and drink it

This man’s talent knows no bounds. I want to send him flowers. Or money to make more. Or pin him down and make him animate my dreams.

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