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creepy babies and candle holders

Susan Kniffin Davidson blows my mind.  All of the above are on my Christmas list so don’t buy them.


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ruffles are the new black

Ruffles have been inner than in for a few seasons now and I have to say I quite like that and they’re no likely to go away any time soon.  Although I do argue that ruffles can go horribly, horribly wrong, I love that they’re being applied to just about everything for a fresher, softer, more romantic look.  Everything in moderation, right?

Here are some favourite ruffly things, via etsy.  Click the pics to go to the store:

Alright, nevermind the thing I said about moderation.  This profusion of ruffles melts my heart:

…as does this one:

…and this one too:

Are you wearing ruffles?  What’s your favourite ruffly thing?

Discuss.  I’m going to go put ruffles on stuff.  Possibly even the dog.


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genuinely happy

I bought Kelly Rae Roberts’ book, Taking Flight, as a gift from me to me with love a couple of months ago.  I don’t usually go for the self-help/warm fuzzy/new agey diy type books this one seemed to be but something made me want it so I toddled on down to Titles to order it and I’m glad I did.  Although there is a lot of self-help/warm fuzzy/new agey diying in it there’s also a lot of practical information on the techniques she uses as well as the inspiration she draws from to make her art happen.  She also goes off (but not too far off) on a decidedly journalistic bent in getting the stories, techniques and sources of inspiration from 7 other artists and wends everything back to the source in a true feat of storytelling.  I don’t know if her editor is super-human or if Kelly herself is just that good but at the end of the day she has produced a wonderful little book about creating around what one knows and how to go about doing it.  I’m genuinely happy I have it.

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for certain categories of reprobates and outcasts

Despite the undeserved scorn for them in the fashion world, their affiliation with pompous twats like Tim Burton (I LOVE YOU TIM BURTON…even if you’re a pompous twat) and neurotic status in decorating…eye ❤ stripes of all stripes.

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economically interesting art for economically interesting times

Mark Wagner uses $1 bills to mess with your head.  The mister pointed me in the direction of his oeuvres last night and I haven’t turned back.  His works are sometimes overtly and sometimes subtly challenging, but always technically impeccable and visually stunning.


Of his work Wagner saysThe one dollar bill is the most ubiquitous piece of paper in America. Collage asks the question: what might be done to make it something else? It is a ripe material: intaglio printed on sturdy linen stock, covered in decorative filigree, and steeped in symbolism and concept. Blade and glue transform it-reproducing the effects of tapestries, paints, engravings, mosaics, and computers-striving for something bizarre, beautiful, or unbelievable… the foreign in the familiar.

Can you say ‘gestalt’?


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november giveaway at modish!

Jena’s got a HUGE giveaway of fabulousness in two parts this month and the first one is up right now.

Go check it out and enter to win a whole lot of gorgeous (you could have a lot of presents taken care of with this…if you can resist keeping it for yourself).

Everytime she does this I think how wonderful it must be to have her job…wouldn’t it be like Christmas every month getting all these goodies in from so many talented creators?


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quilts of gee’s bend

The quilts, the stories and the history are some of my favourite bits of cultural inspiration and I think everyone should have the opportunity to learn about them.  They’re travelling and in Philedelphia right now so if they wend their way to a venue close to you please go see them.  They’re an amazing testament to community, cooperative and diy spirit.  You won’t regret it.

Here are a few favourites:


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