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feed reader angst

A while ago I whored myself to google reader after being enticed by this girl and her shiny bits of liberty fabrics to start using.  So now the multitudes of blogs I visit all reside therein like a bunch of happy hippies.  Prior to using a reader I used my bookmarks and categorized everything into folders named things like ‘arty’ and ‘crafty’ and ‘thinky’ and visited each as and when I pleased.  Now they just show up in the reader, nicely delivered in a tidy little package.  Tidy, but not pretty.

Take a gander:

On the left you see the google reader presentation.  On the right you see the presentation as designed & delivered by the blogger herself as they appear spread across my two monitors.  One is very much more reflective of this cold, virtual environment.  The MacDo’s of information delivery, if you will.  I don’t subscribe to comments which forces me to go to the blog proper if I want to interact, but it leaves me feeling like I’m missing some crucial part of the experience (beyond the adverts) and that all of the bloggers’ hard work is for naught when I’m not visiting the blog directly.  I’m also a little resentful of the fact on Sunday’s Post Secrets inevitably end up smushed between instructions for turning a vibrator into a light sabre and other instructions for turning your wii fit board into a tanning bed from Instructables.  I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get my point; it lacks context.

What do you lot do?  Are their other readers which maintain some of the original aesthetic qualities of the sites you subscribe to?  Am I doing it wrong?


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votey time is nigh

I think it was while working at the market Saturday last that I really caught the election buzz & excitement.  It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out in our household given our tendencies for politics-stalking on both sides of the 49th parallel.  Unlike our following along with the U.S. political climate, here in Peterborough we have the benefit of being able to talk to friends, family and loads of strangers about what’s going on, what needs to change and who the best person for the job is.  It’s kind of the Peterborough thing to do.  Today I found a blog by local author, Ann Douglas, whose conversational tone and nose to the grindstone enthusiasm for politics and why we should care has completely won me over and will likely provide tonnes of dinner table conversation fodder in this house.  In short, I LOVE this blog.  I’m totally smitten and it’s been a long time since I’ve had that happen.  Not to say that I agree with everything she says, but I really shouldn’t be that with anyone, right?

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