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I’m feeling kind of deflated, uninspired, unmotivated and underwhelmed today.  As such, I have for you a list of reasons I shouldn’t feel this way:

– pomegranates are in season

– I just scored a lot of fabric for free

– I get to strut my stuff at the market on Saturday

– the US has a new president and he’s not part of the Bush family

– the new president of the US and our new PM probably won’t get along.  What?  That amuses me

– only ten more days until clementines

– I’m making pasta carbonara tonight

– the kids are up to date with their homework

– I’m surrounded by animals sleeping in the sunshine

– it’s November the 5th and a sunny, balmy 19 degrees outside

– my haircut from yesterday still looks cute – especially with dangly turquoise ear rings & a ponytail



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pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

He loves to bask in the sunlight at this time of the day.

More basking…

…until he hears the shutter.

And then it’s time to come out from behind the curtain…

…so he can make sweet, sweet love to the camera…

Yes. Our cat is a camera whore.

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