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creepy babies and candle holders

Susan Kniffin Davidson blows my mind.  All of the above are on my Christmas list so don’t buy them.



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ruffles are the new black

Ruffles have been inner than in for a few seasons now and I have to say I quite like that and they’re no likely to go away any time soon.  Although I do argue that ruffles can go horribly, horribly wrong, I love that they’re being applied to just about everything for a fresher, softer, more romantic look.  Everything in moderation, right?

Here are some favourite ruffly things, via etsy.  Click the pics to go to the store:

Alright, nevermind the thing I said about moderation.  This profusion of ruffles melts my heart:

…as does this one:

…and this one too:

Are you wearing ruffles?  What’s your favourite ruffly thing?

Discuss.  I’m going to go put ruffles on stuff.  Possibly even the dog.


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for certain categories of reprobates and outcasts

Despite the undeserved scorn for them in the fashion world, their affiliation with pompous twats like Tim Burton (I LOVE YOU TIM BURTON…even if you’re a pompous twat) and neurotic status in decorating…eye ❤ stripes of all stripes.

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more spats love

from etsy!

Love these colours for houndstooth.  It’s on such a great scale for this application too, don’t you think?

from minniekins.

Crinkly leather jobbies:

from ashes & empires.

Knitted lovelies:

from corpse knit.


from maria pozo design.


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I love bowls.  My loin fruits love bowls.  We plan meals just so we can eat them out of bowls.  There’s something about eating out of or presenting a thing in a deep, rounded vessel that is more personal, comfortable and beautiful than doing the same from a plate.  I anthropomorphise them as I do my plants and often come home with hand tossed stoneware bowls from the junk guy at the market or gaudy multi-coloured ceramic ones from the $1 bin at the grocery store simply because I feel they need me.  Certainly not because I need or have any immediate use for them.

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve rounded up a lovely selection of bowls from etsy for your viewing pleasure.

via Red Hot Pottery.

via by Deborah.

via Twisted River Clayworks.

via Mad Hatter Ceramics.

via JD Wolfe Pottery.


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