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more spats love

from etsy!

Love these colours for houndstooth.  It’s on such a great scale for this application too, don’t you think?

from minniekins.

Crinkly leather jobbies:

from ashes & empires.

Knitted lovelies:

from corpse knit.


from maria pozo design.



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fun stuff at pottery barn

I am not a seasonal decorator.  You will find no little vignettes of things found in nature or elements of the solstices or equinoxes in this house.  I’m also not a huge fan of the pottery barn but the daughter and I visited their store at the Eaton’s Centre while killing time between appointments at Sick Kids 2 Fridays ago and found some fun Hallowe’en decor which almost make up for their fugly reindeer Christmas dishes.

Skeleton plates!

How fun are these.  I want 4 sets of them and promise to use them year round.  They’d look great with my mish-mash of collected hand tossed stoneware.  I would probably even buy cheesy wall mounts for them for when they’re not in use.

Bone punch bowl holder thingy.

Something else I would certainly use whenever the opportunity arises…or I’d just invent opportunities.  The kids could eat their cereal off of it!  Thanksgiving gravy could be served from it!  I could put it in the bathroom to hold 1756 packages of cotton balls!  The possibilities are endless, really.

Yer basic black candlelabra.

I have to admit that I would like it better in red or magenta, but this will do.

Sparkle skull!

It’s sparkly!  And skully!  And it warms the cockles of my little art goth, Martha-wannabe heart!

So yeah, can’t wait until after Hallowe’en when they go on sale.  Notez bien folks looking for xmas/birthday pressie ideas for me =)


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