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the mister – ftw

Miz D got to gloat about her stunning amber bobble and now that I have pictures I reckon it’s my turn.

Historically my romantic interests have been in one of two camps when it comes to buying me jewelery: those who hem and haw and ponder and fret only to drop the idea in favour of a gift certificate out of intimidation of the gusband’s brilliant (dude has amazing taste) successes in finding me lovelies, or those who take the leap and fail miserably.  I have a stash of expensive shiney things too fugly to pawn.  Does that make me sound spoiled?

This year the mister tried* and passed with flying colours with this number:

Here’s why he wins:

1. It’s not a ring!  Rings are too personal (and scary – remember I cling tightly to my matrimonial prophylactic) and unless it was one he’d seen me oggling over at my favourite silver shop, which I almost never do and when I do I almost always make the purchase myself, it’s not going to be right.

2. It’s not gold.  Dude pays attention.  I’m a well-pierced, well-adorned chica and all of my shinies are silver which gold refuses  to play nice with.  I’m not going to wear something if it takes me 18h to take out every bit of silver in my bod to replace them all with stuff from the stash of gold fuglies.

3. It’s not a bracelet or earrings, which are what the gusband generally buys.  By opting out of at least that part of the competition he levelled the playing field.

4. It’s the perfect length, sitting nicely between my collar bones and creating a flattering line which leads the eyes up the neck.  Sometimes I think guys buy necklaces just so they can go dipping into cleavageland to fish them out.  Guess what?  I’m onto that.  I only wear long necklaces with turtle neck sweaters and I stopped wearing those in the mid-nineties.

5. It’s not amber in one of those overly ornate & whimsical settings with fairies and leaves and curlyques.  Nice, simple, curvy lines are another favourite.

6. It’s slightly asymmetrical. I love me some asymmetry.

7. It’s amber.  I adore amber.  It’s my favourite even before my beloved garnets and opals.  Admitedly he’s seen me swoon over the oodles of amber pieces immediately inside the doors at the gemboree each year, so maybe it’s kind of the easy choice.  He noticed and that’s all that matters.

*He also gave me a lovely pair of earrings which I love last year, but they’re just not in the same ball park and I kind of picked them out.


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november giveaway at modish!

Jena’s got a HUGE giveaway of fabulousness in two parts this month and the first one is up right now.

Go check it out and enter to win a whole lot of gorgeous (you could have a lot of presents taken care of with this…if you can resist keeping it for yourself).

Everytime she does this I think how wonderful it must be to have her job…wouldn’t it be like Christmas every month getting all these goodies in from so many talented creators?


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