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mondays on craftster

I have to admit that I’m a total craftster addict and Monday mornings usually see me gazing at the comp, eyes glazed over in light of all of the fantabulousness posted after the weekends (when it seems many crafters get busy with the pretty making).  You know what the best part about trolling craftster is?  I can’t buy anything!  If I actually want any of this stuff I have to get off my ass and make it…or swap for it…or something.  Take that inner consumer whore!  You too, paypal!

Here are some highlights from today’s binge:

I someone made me socks like these I would be their best friend forever and invite them to all of my birthday parties.

I think anyone with any kind of crafty bone has melted their crayons into new colourful concoctions at some point, but these are really groovy.  I think they’d make lovely gift decorations or additions to keychains by adding holes and some chain (think mini sharpies…but different) for sharing one’s phone number with potential romantic interests.  I love that they’re all colour themed too.

This project makes me miss cottage days.  The clever little dickens even added a spot for a small outboard motor.  How cool are they?

I know, I know.  More bug porn.  But how beautiful is he?  I’d turn him into a pin so I could wear him everywhere.

More variegated colour love and an ambitious undertaking to say the very least.


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