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zomg! adoraballz!!!

…as the kids say.

Even though this puggle follows me to the washroom and whimpers whenever I leave the room, the man-child is Vizzini’s go-to for playtime:







That last pic is ‘Zzini’s ‘I von zee bone, but lost mah friend!’* look. Dude idolizes that kid.

*The dog speaks with an unidentifiable accent. What do you expect from a dog named Vizzini?


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disgruntled puggle says GO VOTE!

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Because I know that everyone loves it when bloggers gush about their pets in their posts, today will be devoted entirely to the subject.

Meet the mister’s surprise birthday present.  He’s a nameless wonder and a formidable hunter and killer of leaves.  He terrorizes the cats, digs at everything, nibbles the toes of sleeping folk, doesn’t walk where we want him to, makes forts out of our duvet and has pooped on the bed – my side, even.  But man, how can anyone resist that face?

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