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genuinely happy

I bought Kelly Rae Roberts’ book, Taking Flight, as a gift from me to me with love a couple of months ago.  I don’t usually go for the self-help/warm fuzzy/new agey diy type books this one seemed to be but something made me want it so I toddled on down to Titles to order it and I’m glad I did.  Although there is a lot of self-help/warm fuzzy/new agey diying in it there’s also a lot of practical information on the techniques she uses as well as the inspiration she draws from to make her art happen.  She also goes off (but not too far off) on a decidedly journalistic bent in getting the stories, techniques and sources of inspiration from 7 other artists and wends everything back to the source in a true feat of storytelling.  I don’t know if her editor is super-human or if Kelly herself is just that good but at the end of the day she has produced a wonderful little book about creating around what one knows and how to go about doing it.  I’m genuinely happy I have it.

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