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and the hippos were boiled in their tanks

The work has been published and I’m a conflicted soul.  Kerouac and Burroughs both felt the work to be sub-par and unworthy of publication but can’t very well argue from the grave now, can they?  We selfish, living folk decided to go against the wills of two of the 20th century’s greatest creative minds and plublished their work posthumously.  We trusted their judgement then, what happened?  Pandora’s box has been opened and I feel that in owning this work I puts the blood on my hands, but in not owning it I would be missing out on that feeling of connectedness with something really special.  The feeling I got sitting by Louisa May Alcott’s grave and experiencing the weight of history & utter loneliness bearing down on me whilst exploring West Kennet and its surrounding moors while chasing my Heathcliff.  So do I put it on my wish list or do I honour their wishes and leave well enough alone?  What’s a girl to do?

Oh, and if you’re interested you should check out what the always lovely Jaime The Nonist (RIP) has to say about it.  He’s far more eloquent than yours truly.  I have a huge nerdgirl crush on him.

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