183 emotions, just for Jamie…ok. and the rest of you lot.

In early 2010 I was charged with coming up with 100 emotions that I could name. Though 2010 has been a rather emotional year, I started the list and ended with 3 emotions in…like…march? Today, being January 31, I finally finished the list.

Jamie, because it took so long, you get 183ish nameable emotions of mine:

love curious elation envy guilt wretched shame boredom happiness optimism trust anger fear sadness disgust surprise cherished fear rejection emptiness submissive annoyed contemptuous aggressive remorseful proud loving loved wrecked gutted irritated enthralled engrossed nervous anticipatory neglected abandonned smothered relentless bloody-minded stubborn shocked awed loathed alienated welcome envelopped dismayed disappointed content eager orgasmic cranky relieved jealous hurt honoured worshipped amazed anxious desperate hopeful hopeless pitiful sympathetic empathetic worried furious fierce alive hostile aware in love aroused lustful delicate worthy honest needy distrustful impetuous impatient hopeful believed awed beautiful vengeful wanted desired fraught enraged peaceful warm talented appreciated intelligent gross amazed wonderous wonderful pain caring envied dumb heartache broken fixable ok passionate creative sick like a fucking shrew mournful promise frustrated clean zealous sexy appreciative overwhelmed snotty overjoyed lovely graceful conquering agreeable destined delighted longing satisfied astonished resentful tormented despair insecure unworthy miserable embarassed tense relaxed awake in the moment homesick lonely bitter euphoric adored capable revered affectionate cuddly courageous interested moody competent ecstatic sentimental verklempt exasperated grief isolated outnumbered uneasy out of touch apprehension desire insulted abused distressed unsure amused down right giddy desirable enthusiastic defeated bemused non-plussed careless care-free bodacious gluttonous hated obtuse glad

…and that one, you know the one that hits you like a hurricane and you can’t name? the one that comes as the result of someone touching your life so deeply but it’s lovewantdesperationhope? there’s no name for that one, but it’s kinda wonderful.




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