10 things

Because I’m home, sick, and generally malaisey – 10 things I have to be happy about right now:

1. My thrifted cords. They were $5. They’re 2 sizes smaller than the last pair I bought (yes, I’m vain like that). They’re in the happiest shade of teal that I’m positive cannot be found in nature.

2. Emmy. She’s the shit. I don’t know anyone else I would rather call at 2:45 on a Sunday morning to get me out of jail.

3. My renewed sense of resolve. I’ve cut a lot of bullshit and clutter out of my psyche through sheer bloody-mindedness and it’s doing me a world of good. Not sure where it will lead, but it feels damned great.

4. My job. Sure, it’s sometimes fraught like just about every job on the planet, but it’s there, it’s steady and it’s filled with lots of weird, wonderful, beautiful people that I get to hang with every Monday to Friday (except today because I’m off sick…and on bank holidays…but the option is there…you know what I mean).

5. My walks. I was out at the oval with the dog last night thinking how nice it is to live in a city in which I can get from here to there with two feet and a heartbeat. I don’t always choose to, but again, I have that option.

6. My optimism. I’ve had a lot come crashing down lately (mostly my sanity), but have never once thought ‘this is it.’

7. Music. It’s always there. Always on. Quick-witted. Like the cool best friend I get to live vicariously through.

8. Food. When I can’t muster up the motivation and drive to do anything non-practically creative, food is always there as an inspiration.

9. Lynda. She always knows when to come in with a sense of humour and when things are really as heavy as they are – and still comes in with a sense of humour anyway.

10. The sprogs. I couldn’t ask for two better beings with whom to just occupy space.

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